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We’re Evo Bistro, the home of Mediterranean cuisines. Welcome to our website, where you get to be guided and see the exciting cuisines of the Mediterranean heritage.

You might wonder what Mediterranean cuisine is; you sure do know of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, Mediterranean cuisines are the foods that are common with countries along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. These include European countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, and France. Middle Eastern countries of Turkey, Israel, and Syria. And North African countries of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

What We Offer

Daily Fresh Menus

All of our menu items are housemade fresh daily and cooked to order. At Evo Bistro, we feature tapas, the Spanish style of dining that features many small dishes of varied ingredients and flavors.

Fresh Ingredients

 In our Bistro, our tapas come to the table as they are ready, and we encourage sharing among your friends and family.

Tasty Meals

Evo Bistro custom menus are available to fit every need and wines can be paired to make the perfect meal.  Whether you need a reception sit down dinner or a buffet, Evo Bistro will help make your night an unforgettable event

Creative Chefs

Our Chef repeatedly outdoes himself with the exceptional small plates coming out of our kitchen at Evo. From decadent ravioli to a succulent tagine,  Our Chef never fails to impress even the toughest foodies.

Authentic Cuisine

There are so many cuisines we offer in different countries. These selected seven are to mention but a few. It shows you the delicacies most visitors prefer to order. You might consider ordering one on your next trip

Wines to Try

We are proud to offer a vast selection of wines by the glass, bottle, and case. Each of our carefully selected wines is available for off-premise consumption by the bottle or case. Our commitment is to make great wines both available and affordable for our customers.


Pizza is one of those Mediterranean diets that has become so popular globally, especially in America, that we’ve almost forgotten its origin. It’s an Italian diet, and while it’s familiar to us, most travelers know it can become more Italian. For this reason, many tourists on vacation prefer to see how the “Italian pizza ” tastes.

Chicken Shawarma

A satisfying dish that would make you remember everything about the middle east, having originated in Turkey. Our mouth-watering chicken shawarma would make it seem like the others you’ve tasted weren’t shawarma.


Humus is the appetizer you’d like to begin a meal within the Mediterranean. It can also be taken with bread, fruits, or veggies. Hummus is very popular on this side of the world.


This Spanish cuisine can serve as an appetizer or snack. It can as well be combined to make a full meal. You can either take it cold or hot. Be sure to have us serve you this cuisine in the most tasteful form.


Falafel is the tasteful cuisine of northern Africa, most especially Libya and Egypt. Some do say that the one’s made outside the Mediterranean taste differently, our falafel has the real taste.

Lemon Rice

The Greek lemon rice would give you a satisfaction you never expected. Lemon rice is prepared with fresh lemon juice, onions, and herbs.


What Our Guests Say

From the moment you walk in the door at Evo Bistro, you’re made to feel like, somehow, you’re late to the party—and you better catch up fast.


— Sally Randall

Robust sardines, juicy oranges, and foamy jalapeno aioli produce a rising tide of deliciousness.”


— Paul J.

EVO Bistro creatively creates an atmosphere were wines, both pro, and joe, can mingle amongst each other and talk about the various tastings, likes, dislikes, comments, feedback, recommendations, etc.



— Shirley M. Oliver

Grab a glass and a prepaid card at this McLean hideaway, where wines are dispensed self-serve-style from a sleek Enomatic system.



— France Marshall

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